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flotsam and jetsam is Jürgen Müller, journalist, Fairtrade expert, IT consultant, and amateur photographer, living in Switzerland right now.

For more than 30 years I have been living and working in various countries on four continents. Among them are India, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, Peru and Cuba in which I stayed several years each.

This website shows some of the pictures I took during travelling and strolling around through the streets of the cities I lived in.

In Cuba, I took extensive lessons with the professional photographer Joel Hernandez Marin.

Some of the older pictures shown here have been digitalised from prints or slides – as you can see from the quality.

Sometimes I will comment on them, sometimes I don't. My favourite subjects are nature, street documentation, and ad hoc eye catchers.

Today, I use a Nikon D5300 and a Nikon D800.

The left column shows my actual Instagram stream for which I use my iPhone XS.

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Darum sage ich: wenn sich der Mensch von sich selbst und von allen geschaffenen Dingen abkehrt, so weit du das tust, so weit wirst du geeint und beseligt in dem Fünklein der Seele, das nie Zeit oder Raum berührt hat. H.M. Enzensberger

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