Exploring Patagonia

How lazy I have been, at least in terms of looking after my blog. Though there were many things to write about but the latest highlight was our trip to Argentina and Chile (Santiago).

Buenos Aires' charme de belle époque, the distant but permanent sound of tango, and an atmosphere somewhere between decline and raise is unforgettable. As it reminds you of many European cities making you sometimes believe to be in Paris, Madrid, London, Naples or even Berlin. However, Buenos Aires' sound will tell where you are!

This sound of Tango changed into the one of huge ice blocks falling into glacier lakes in Patagonia. The crispy, cristal clear sky is still in my mind, like a silent echo from another world, one without almost no people (300'000 on a surface of 900'000 square km, approx. 22 times Switzerland's size). The steppe is endless and after 28 hours and 2'000 km on a bus drive through the same landscape you start believing it will never end at all!

But finally you arrive in Mendoza, still in the desert but amidst the biggest wine growing area in South America – lucky you are! Whether you like the local Malbec type, the classic Cabernet Sauvignon or some of the more rare grape variety, a vineyard tour is a must and everybody will find its favourite. Spend the whole Sunday in the thermal springs of Rio Mendoza in the mountains, and you will a lot about local people and their customs.

Finally, we crossed the Andes again heading for Santiago. You climb up to more than 3'000 meters, very slowly in 5 hours without noticing, surrounded by the highest Andean mountains, of which the Aconcagua is the highest with 6.962m. You survive the severe Chilean custom check: no fruits, no undeclared organic material at all. After the checkpoint you will decent again, but this time 3'000m in 1 hour...

The Chilean capital welcomes you with its sun (and smog as well) shining more than 300 days a year, and its Sanhattan skyline indicating that Santiago is the vibrant centre of a very successful economy. (However, it also reminds you that the grey Lima sky is still waiting in a couple of days...).

It is still difficult to describe all the experiences and feelings we had during this three weeks' trip. And for those who prefer watching photos, here is the link.

Last flight to Lima

Tomorrow morning will be my last flight from Switzerland to Lima, at least as resident of Peru. The time in this beautiful country will be over, after almost 4 years as a life of an accompanying person in a city which was hard to adapt to but will be very difficult to leave. What I never could imagine 4 yours ago has, however, happened: I will deeply and very sadly miss my life at the shores of the Pacific, in Miraflores and San Isidro, and all the little things you learn to know after a certain time in a big city.

I will also miss my intensive travelling into the Andes and the Amazonas, along the desert coast line, the exploration of so many historical and archaeological sites, the music full of rhythm, myth and love. With fear and struggle in the beginning, I tried to learn Spanish which still proofs to be very difficult, but opened the door to other cultures and people. I remember my first interview with a group of youngsters in Lima explaining me – filled with enthusiasm I never heard in Europe – how they struggled to grow up, to work when they were children, to learn and to develop a vision for both their own future and those of their country. I will never forget their shining eyes and their vibrant voices...

Of course, without mentioning the Peruvian kitchen, this first glance back would be incomplete. How one could ever be on earth without knowing the varieties and tastes of the uncountable dishes. The flavour of the Peruvian kitchen is nothing else but the mirror of the glue (maybe I am exaggerating a bit) different people with different backgrounds sticks together: the love for food!

The feeling of sadness for leaving Peru increases caused by the the uncertainty of what to expect in the upcoming years. Right know, my life seems to fall apart as I feel to be at the mercy of people and institutional structures that in reality to not care at all. After more than 20 years living abroad, I never imagined what I have learnt over the last 5 to 6 months in my role of being a trailing spouse. The only person you can trust on are you yourself. Maybe I will have to take decisions which I really did not want to take – I am very sad to say that.

Before going back again….

If I would have known when writing the last post… my last flight back to Lima will likely be next Friday coming back from my childhood’s place where I had to go in every short notice.

Living abroad, as accompanying person (how I dislike this expression), far away from family and friends again proofs to be a difficult issue. What do you do when your beloved ones need help and support, 11 thousands kilometers away? What do you when difficult decisions have to be taken, when your parents fall ill or become so dependent on external help?

It is somehow calming when you notice that – under these stressful circumstances – you are still able to act rationally and prudentially though emotionally very much involved. It is almost therapeutical watching yourself behaving in such a manner. Everything you do contributes to fulfill one of the last steps to become a grown-up when you take over responsibility for you parents, something they did for you when you were a child.




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