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January 1st 2017

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    Flor de amor: Si el huricán furioso derribara las flores de tu jardín, no importa, pues queda buena semilla.

    Jürgen Müller

    30 years ago

    For some events during your life you always remember exactly where and with whom you were when it happened. For example, I still know quite exactly where I was on September 11, 2001.

    Thirty years ago the Berlin wall collapsed, and I did not get it. As young-parents-with-baby-that-doesn't-want-to-sleep, on November 9, 1989, I went to bed as early as possible, catching up sleep as much as possible. Of course, we had followed all the events beforehand, the East Germans coming via Prague, the manifestations in Leipzig and East Berlin, but we I did not think at all that this would lead to the collapse of the wall (and the regime).

    Grown up in the far west of Germany, close to the Dutch border, East Germany (RDA) for me was always there, far away and nothing 'unusual'. For me and my family the existence of two German states was carved in stone. "Reunification" was never an option, and not really something, we were longing for or even discussed at home.

    On November 10, I went to office as usual. My Swiss colleagues immediately came to me asking what I thought about the events that had happened the previous night. Fully unaware, I had to ask what they were talking about.

    Jürgen Müller

    Just 4 weeks...

    ...before flying to Havanna. It is still difficult to realize the upcoming change in climat, environment, people and professional activities. It will be a completely "new life" but the language will be the same – at least.

    As we do not have much time to enjoy the last weeks in Peru, everything seems far away and unreal. I will miss Peru very much, that is for sure. Almost unbelievable after the struggle I had in the beginning. But as always, to feel at home needs effort and will, friends and family.

    Leaving a country for going to a new one is always an experience of "little death" and exciting for what will expect you, an area of conflict between staying where you feel at home and comfortable and longing for adventure and new experiences - leaving with mixed emotions.

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